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About AGUNDABORG Camp & Paddle

The family company is located in Agunnaryd. The companies’ postal address is Bråna Näs 1.

AGUNDABORG Camp and Paddle is run by Roos Hogervorst, VAT (Moms) number: SE 740322570401

If you wish to get in touch with us, send an email to camp@agundaborg.com with your question and your contact information and we will contact you shortly.



·         When you have completed your order, an order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address. In the confirmation you will find all information about your order, price, billing and meeting location.

·         The rental terms are for all products and services rented from and delivered by AGUNDABORG Camp & Paddle/ Roos Hogervorst. By making an electronic booking here on our website and actively confirming that all terms have been approved, the terms are considered approved by the customer and a binding contract has been created.

·         When you confirm your purchase, you are accepting that these terms and conditions form the basis of any contract between AGUNDABORG Camp & Paddle/ Roos Hogervorst and yourself.

·         If there is any error in the order confirmation, you must contact us immediately via e-mail to camp@agundaborg.com

·         Any discounts or offers on-line are available for limited quantities and periods only and shall not be available on bookings made by phone or in person.

·         Please bring along your booking reference– this does not need to be printed out and can be displayed on your phone.

·         Prices are correct at time of going to press and are subject to change without notification.


General Terms

Contractual terms adopted by the Swedish Canoe Federation after negotiations with the Swedish Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket).  


1. The conditions relate to commercial rental to the consumer and applies to: Canoes, Kayaks, SUPs and related equipment.  

2. Order The order is binding for both parties when the contract is signed or when the canoe center has made a written confirmation of booking known to the customer.  

3. Use of the canoe, kayak or SUP. The canoe, kayak or SUP may be used in the Nordic region, unless otherwise agreed in the individual case. The customer may not rent the canoe to others except as provided in paragraph 6 concerning the transfer of the contract before the rental period starts.  

4. Payment The canoe center is entitled to request that the customer at confirming the contract pays a fee amounting to:  

20% of the total rent 30 days before the rental period 

30% of the total rental fee 29-14 days before the rental period 

40% of the total rental fee 13-7 days before the rental period 

5. Cancellation If the customer cancels the canoe, kayak or SUP 7 days before the rental period start or more, the canoe center deducts the reservation fee (see point 4). If the rental is cancelled later than 7 days before the rental period but more than 24 hours before, the canoe center is entitled to be credited with 50% of the total rental cost. If the rental is cancelled within 24 hours before the beginning of rental time the canoe center is entitled to recover the amount paid, apart from an administration fee of no more than 100 SEK. The service fee shall not exceed the cancellation fee in the first paragraph. The customer shall then immediately receive the difference from the canoe center. In case of cancellation of the canoe, kayak or SUP before the rental period starts is due to death, serious illness or similar circumstances affecting the customer or any member of his/her family, the canoe center will repay what has been paid by the customer. Illness, etc. Shall be evidenced by a medical certificate or similar.  

6. Transfer of the contract before the rental period starts The customer has the right to, instead of cancellation, transfer the lease to another person unless the landlord has good reason to refuse to accept him/ her as a customer. The original customer is then free from all obligation to the canoe center.  

7. The canoe, kayak or SUP condition and equipment It is the responsibility of the canoe center at the rental period start to deliver the agreed canoe in a seaworthy condition and otherwise working order and equipped with the necessary safety equipment and optional features. It is the customer’s responsibility to return the equipment in the same condition.  

8. Delayed or incorrect delivery In case the canoe center is not providing the canoe, kayak or SUP in conformity with the contract and with the agreed equipment at the time agreed, the customer is entitled to a reduction of the costs corresponding to the delay. If no correction is made within 3 hours of the time agreed, the customer has the right to terminate the contract. Cancellation may not take place if the error is of negligible importance for the customer, within 3 hours from the agreed time providing other equivalent canoe, kayak or SUP equipment. The canoe center is obliged to give the customer reasonable compensation for the damage suffered by the delay, except when the canoe center can prove that the delay is not due to negligence on their part. The same applies if the agreement is cancelled.  

9. Actions at fault, damage and loss In case of failure or damage to canoe, kayak or SUP or accessories, as well as the loss of a canoe or accessories, it is for the customer as soon as possible to notify the landlord. The canoe rental shall, after such notification without delay notify the customer what action he/she should take.  

10. Customers’ liability for defects, damage and loss The customer is obliged to compensate the loss or damage to a canoe, kayak or SUP, except when he can make it probably that he was not negligent. The customer is not liable for damage caused by external accidents outside his/ her control, nor the canoe centres' costs in connection with such an accident.  

11. The canoe centres' liability for defects, damage and loss If errors, damage or loss of a canoe, kayak, SUP or accessories arise during the rental period and the customer is not liable under the preceding paragraph, the customer has the right to cancel the contract or request such a reduction of the rent corresponding to the fault, the damage or loss. The customer is also entitled to reasonable compensation for the damage he suffered as a result of the fault, the compensation for the damage he suffered as a result of the fault, the damage or loss, unless the canoe center can show that the customer has been negligent. The agreement may not be terminated if the defect, the damage or loss is of negligible importance for the customer or if the canoe center the day after notification of the event leaves the equivalent compensation canoe or repair of the canoe, kayak or SUP.  

12. Returning before agreed time due to illness etc. In case of death, serious illness or other similar circumstances would affect the customer or any member of his/ her family during the rental period the customer may return the canoe before expiry of the agreed rental period. Utilized rental period shall be deemed to run until the day after the return. Illness, etc. Shall be evidenced by a medical certificate or similar.  

13. Returning at the end of rental period etc. The customer must return the canoe at time of expiry at the place of pick-up unless another place has been agreed. The canoe shall be cleaned and returned in the same conditions as when picked up apart from normal wear and tear. Customer and canoe center shall, if possible examine the canoe. In case the customer cannot return the canoe at the agreed time, he/ she shall immediately notify the landlord. If the canoe center does not allow the customer to extend the rental period or return the canoe to another location then agreed, the rent is to be paid with double amount from the day after the canoe would have been returned to the day when it is returned to the canoe center. The amount is calculated daily in relation to the agreed rent. Should failure to return the canoe, kayak or SUP as appointed happen due to death, serious illness or other similar circumstance that affects the customer or someone in their family, the cost will be single rent during the time the impediment exists. After a week rent will be changed with double amount. Illness, etc. Shall be evidenced by a medical certificate or similar. If the customer has abandoned the canoe, kayak or SUP it is the canoe centres' responsibility to recover the vessel as soon as possible to reduce the customer liability. The customer is in such case obliged to compensate the canoe center the expenses that were necessary to restore the canoe to such a place where it can be again be taken into use by the canoe center.  

14. Dispute Any disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions, the parties shall first tr to solve by agreement. If the parties do not agree, the dispute may be heard by the Complaints Board (Almänna reklamationsnämden), to the extent that the matter is of such nature that it can be dealt with by the Board or by a general court (district court). It is always the Swedish law that applies. Injury or death which the customer encounters can never be the canoe centers fault. It is always the guardian responsible for their child’s behaviour and are guilty should something go wrong. That is to say, the custodian is financially responsible for their child and their equipment if it is not returned in good condition.  


Photography Agundaborg Camp & Paddle/ Roos Hogervorst may take photographs, which will remain the property of Agundaborg Camp & Paddle/ Roos Hogervorst and may possibly be used on promotional material including social networking sites in future.  Photos will be posted on our Instagram/ Facebook page and if you object to a particular image being held, please let us know and we will immediately delete it.