Agundaborg - Your Gateway to Lakeside Adventures!

Nestled along the pristine shores of an enchanting lake system, Agundaborg invites you to embark on a memorable journey of relaxation, adventure, and pure Scandinavian charm. Our activities offer you the perfect place to experience the beauty of nature, in the idyllic Swedish countryside.

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Agundaborg Lake Cottage
Fantastically located, overlooking the lake. Sleeps 6-8 people, fully equiped luxury house with cozy fire-place. Private bathroom.
Agundaborg Garden Cottage
Sleeps 2-4 people, fully equipped studio with fire-place, overlooking the lake. Shared bathroom
Agundaborg Hut
Sleeps 2 people, charming simple hut overlooking the lake. Mini kitchen and electricity available. Running water and bathroom are shared facilities outside of the hut.
Agundaborg Glamping
Sleeps 2-4 people, luxury camping at the shores of the lake in nature with fireplace cooking. Shared bathroom.
Tree Tent with lake view
Sleeps 2 people elevated tent overlooking the lake with fireplace cooking. Shared bathroom.
Agundaborg Boathouse
Sleeps 2-4 people, fully equiped studio with garden view. Shared bathroom

Agundaborg Village House
Sleeps 6-8 people, fully equiped large village house with fire-place. Park view and a stroll away from the lake. Private bathroom.
Large boat adventure
Our spacious boat accommodates up to 6 adults, allowing you to row or use the motor on Agunnaryd Lake. Ideal for fishing or outings with friends, the boat includes a convenient swimming ladder for easy access. Choose between rowing or opt for the optional engine for added convenience.
Classic sculling Rowing Boat with moving seat
For the experienced rower, we have this classic sculling Rowing Boat with moving seats. The boat is wide and therefore stable, so if you haven't rowed in a while, this is the perfect boat to get back out on the water.
We have a one and a two seater boat.
Business Gathering & Adventure
An opportunity for professionals to connect, collaborate, and cultivate new possibilities. Elevate your corporate experience as we provide a sophisticated environment where ideas flourish, relationships thrive, and success takes center stage. Join us for a tailor made package and create your Adventure!
Summer Paddle Camp
Welcome to our Summer Paddle Camp — the ultimate destination for teenagers seeking adventure, camaraderie, and outdoor fun! Join us for a unique experience where teens not only learn the art of paddling but also come together to cook delicious meals and make lasting memories in the great outdoors.
Stand Up Paddling
Explore the thrill of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) with our boards! Stand on a paddleboard, navigate the water, and enjoy a fantastic full-body workout. Ideal for all skill levels, SUP offers a refreshing and accessible aquatic adventure. Try it out and dive into the excitement today!