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  • Be close to nature

Large boat adventure

The large boat adventure is great for many different types of adventure, fishing, a lounging lake day or just to have slightly more space together.

The boat can be paddled around Agunnaryd lake, which is 2,5 km long. There are some islands to explore. 


The rent of the boat includes: 

  • Up to six life jackets
  • Two oars
  • A map of lake Agunnaryd and the surrounding area
  • Trowel (1 per booking)

You can add the following extra's to your booking: 

  • Engine including max one filling of petrol 
  • Additional life jacket 
  • Dry barrel large, 60 liter
  • Dry barrel small, 6 liter
  • Trangia outdoor cooker
  • Frying pan

We also have lovely food packages: 

  • Sweet Coffee picnic (Fika)
  • Swedish Sandwich lunch package
  • Swedish 'Korv & Bröd' (sausage in soft bread)
  • Swedish Open-Fire dining



  • Large boat adventure
  • Large boat adventure
  • Large boat adventure
  • Large boat adventure

You can canoe with us for a day up to a week and arrange it as you like. South of Agundaborg, there is a large nature reserve that is stunning in terms of its natural beauty. Additionally, there are many islands and beautiful spots where you can camp in the wild, or you can choose to camp at one of the official canoe rest areas for a fee. Below, I have provided an overview of possible routes, and you can also plan your own using www.naturkartan.se - search for Canoe Trail Helge Å.

Route suggestions
From To km days
Virestad Agunnaryd 43 4-5
Virestad Gustavsfors 50 4-5
Ryssby Gustavsfors 41 4-5
Ryssby Agundaborg 15 1-2
Stensjön (North) Agundaborg 10 1
Stensjön (South) Agundaborg 7 1
Såganäs Agundaborg 19 2-3
Agundaborg Gustavsfors 26 2-3
Agundaborg Björkö 22 1-2
Agundaborg Diö strand 15 1-2
Agundaborg Marsholm 7 1
Agundaborg Möckelsnäs 20 1-2
The time is an estimate and is dependant on the weather and the energy & experience level of the paddler.


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