Agundaborg camp  & paddle create lasting memories in the heart of Scandinavian wilderness. Immerse yourself in nature as you glide through the waters, surrounded by lush forests. Our canoeing, kayaking or SUP adventures offer a peaceful escape for solo paddlers, families or groups.

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Agundaborg - Your Gateway to Lakeside Adventures!

Nestled along the pristine shores of an enchanting lake system, Agundaborg invites you to embark on a memorable journey of relaxation, adventure, and pure Scandinavian charm. Our activities offer you the perfect place to experience the beauty of nature, in the idyllic Swedish countryside.

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Canoeing in Sweden: Picture yourself paddling through calm waters, surrounded by the sounds of rustling leaves and local birdsong. In our camp, canoeing isn't just a hobby—it's a laid-back journey into the heart of Sweden's chill scene.
Count on us to assist you in planning your journey, including convenient drop-off and pick-up services.
Fully Equipped Canoe Touring package
Embark on a nature exploration like never before! Our fully equipped Canoe package is designed to elevate your adventure with plenty of ideas and excitement. Get ready for the canoe trip of a lifetime. Plus, enjoy the convenience of having everything you need to set up camp and cook included in your unforgettable canoe journey.
Kayaking adventure
Explore dynamic adventures with our kayaking experiences! Enjoy faster travel and a streamlined experience. Our kayaks cater to beginners and experienced paddlers alike. Fit your overnight essentials for camping. Perfect for those starting out or seeking a thrilling adventure on the water.
Wild Cooking Guided paddle adventure
Embark on a guided paddle adventure! Our experienced guide will lead you through scenic waters, and together, you'll cook a delicious meal over an open fire. Enjoy the perfect blend of outdoor exploration and culinary delight.
Guided Canoe adventure
If you are new to canoeing, don't worry. We organise guided canoe tours out in the beautiful Swedish nature. We will go through the technique of paddling, talk about allemansrätten and make sure you see the most beautiful spots of the area. If you book a multiple day guided tour we will set up camp together and enjoy a lovely evening by the lake.
Stand Up Paddling
Explore the thrill of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) with our boards! Stand on a paddleboard, navigate the water, and enjoy a fantastic full-body workout. Ideal for all skill levels, SUP offers a refreshing and accessible aquatic adventure. Try it out and dive into the excitement today!
Summer Paddle Camp
Welcome to our Summer Paddle Camp — the ultimate destination for teenagers seeking adventure, camaraderie, and outdoor fun! Join us for a unique experience where teens not only learn the art of paddling but also come together to cook delicious meals and make lasting memories in the great outdoors.
Business Gathering & Adventure
An opportunity for professionals to connect, collaborate, and cultivate new possibilities. Elevate your corporate experience as we provide a sophisticated environment where ideas flourish, relationships thrive, and success takes center stage. Join us for a tailor made package and create your Adventure!
Large boat adventure
Our spacious boat accommodates up to 6 adults, allowing you to row or use the motor on Agunnaryd Lake. Ideal for fishing or outings with friends, the boat includes a convenient swimming ladder for easy access. Choose between rowing or opt for the optional engine for added convenience.
Classic sculling Rowing Boat with moving seat
For the experienced rower, we have this classic sculling Rowing Boat with moving seats. The boat is wide and therefore stable, so if you haven't rowed in a while, this is the perfect boat to get back out on the water.
We have a one and a two seater boat.