Our dream

We are Roos and Simon and we have set up our small family run business in beautiful Småland in Sweden. We live in amazing countryside on the edge of a stunning lake together with our three children Oliver, Jasper and Daan. Over fifteen years ago we made the life-changing decision to move to Sweden, leaving behind the hustle of commuting in pursuit of a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Our search led us to discover a charming house, but we never stopped looking for a connection to water, envisioning a place where we could one day welcome guests. In 2019, our dream materialised as we acquired Agundaborg - a splendid 13-hectare half-island bordering the shores of Agunnaryd lake, seamlessly linked to an expansive nature reserve. This historic site, once the residence of Lady Agunda, sits at the heart of nature, and we are delighted to share its beauty with our guests.

Just like the history of Agundaborg, our journey is a tapestry of challenges and growth. Our dream is to have a balanced life intertwined with nature, as we create a sustainable and meaningful future inspired by the spirit of this land's previous inhabitants. 

We welcome you to share in the calm and beauty of Agundaborg!