Canoe trails

Here's one thing you may not know about Agunnaryd: It's an outdoor adventurer's paradise, boasting some of the best kayaking and canoeing in the South of Sweden. There are many lakes in the area to choose from, alongside a connecting river the Helge Å, making Agunnaryd the all-ability paddling destination.

Explore the beauty of the Agundaborg region with our flexible paddle experiences, ranging from a single day to a week-long adventure tailored to your preferences. Venture south of Agundaborg, where a vast nature reserve awaits, with breathtaking natural landscapes. Enjoy the peaceful beauty of the untouched surroundings, filled with islands and scenic spots for camping. Or, for added convenience, choose one of the designated canoe rest areas for a small fee. 

To assist you in crafting your perfect journey, we have outlined some suggested routes below. Additionally, feel free to unleash your creativity and plan a unique expedition by utilizing the interactive map on - Simply search for Canoe Trail Helge Å, and let the exploration begin.

Skill level of the paddling area: Paddling here is suitable for families and beginners as well as the more experienced paddler. 

Agundaborg - Marsholm

What to expect: Starting from the historic Agundaborg half island you paddle into one of the prettiest waterways imaginable, the 2,5 km long Agunnarydsjön leads into the nature reserve Vedåsa with the river Helge Å. The lake is interesting with small islands to discover and abundant wildlife both in and above the water. With no portages, the river occasionally narrows, providing a dynamic experience. Upon entering lake Möckeln, you'll encounter the beautiful beach of Lillesjön on the left - a perfect spot for a leisurely break. For a more substantial pause, the canoe rest area on the island Marsholm awaits, featuring amenities such as a barbecue and awind shelter. This location is also a favourite spot for fishermen. Note: you are not allowed to camp or fish in the nature reserve itself. 


Marsholm - Diö strand

What to expect: From Marsholm: prepare for an exhilarating paddle as you cross the expansive and diverse Lake Möckeln.  The lake presents a mosaic of water experiences, with expansive and open sections contrasting with more sheltered areas dotted with islands. Navigating north of Höö, you'll encounter a convenient canoe rest area, while the small town of Diö boasts a picturesque beach, offering a beautiful part of your journey.


Ryssby - Stensjön - Agundaborg

What to expect:  Embark on a scenic adventure commencing in the expansive and open waters of Ryssbysjön, leading to the charming Stensjön. The two lakes are interconnected by a picturesque small river flowing benath a bridge. Stensjön has numerous islands and beautiful spots to explore. Renowned for its excellent fishing opportunities, the lake has two canoe rest areas - one at the southern tip of Stensjön and the other to the north of Agunnarydsjön. As a halfway point in Agunnarydsjön Agundaborg sits on a unique half-island, adding to the charm of your journey. 


Marsholm - Björkö - Gustavsfors

What to expect: Coming from the scenic nature reserve Vedåsa on Marsholm island, your journey unfolds as you traverse  Lake Möckeln to enter the picturesque Helge Å river. Along this captivating stretch, renowned for its prime fishing spots and stunning natural beauty, you'll paddle amids charming Swedish houses that add a touch of picturesque charm to the route. Take in the beauty of both the river passing under several beautiful stone bridges and the lovely architecture along the way. 


Route suggestions
From To km number of days paddling
Virestad Agundaborg 43 4-5
Virestad Gustavsfors 50 4-5
Ryssby Gustavsfors 41 4-5
Ryssby Agundaborg 15 1-2
Stensjön (North) Agundaborg 10 1
Stensjön (South) Agundaborg 7 1
Såganäs Agundaborg 19 2-3
Agundaborg Gustavsfors 26 2-3
Agundaborg Björkö 22 1-2
Agundaborg Diö strand 15 1-2
Agundaborg Marsholm 7 1
Agundaborg Möckelsnäs 20 1-2
The time is an estimate and is dependant on the weather
and the energy & experience level of the paddler.