Relax in Swedish nature

AGUNDABORG is a historical Swedish village situated in the beautiful Småland nature on the shore of lake Agunnaryd. At AGUNDABORG you can relax and experience nature in many ways. You can sunbathe on the beautiful beaches,  explore the lake and it's islands by canoe and go for a refreshing swim. The area has many historic places and even cycling or walking past the many typically Swedish houses is worth a trip in itself. At AGUNDABORG you can have a real nature adventure, experience cooking above an open fire or why not try to catch a fish for dinner? 


nature adventure

At AGUNDABORG we invite you to have an active holiday. Hiking, cycling, swimming, canoeing and kayaking it is all on our doorstep! 



Go out on the beautiful water and see Sweden from another perspective! We have many different alternatives so you can choose what suits you!

Go out on Agunnaryd lake and visit one of the many islands or why not go for a longer trip via the river Helge Å to lake Möckeln or even further. 

We can organise drop-off/ pick-up of canoes or kayaks to where you want to start or end your adventure. Price: from 500 sek. 


  • SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Board
Price: from 200 kr/ 3 hours or 350 kr/ day. 
  • Canadian canoe
Price: from 250 kr/ 3 hours or 500 kr/ day. 
The canoes for rent are Linder aluminium canoes of the model Inkas 525. 
Length: 525 cm
Width: 90 cm
Loading capacity: 400 kg
Max. 3 adults 
  • Kayaks
Price: from 200 kr/ 3 hours or 350 kr/ day. 
  • Family boat equipped with a 5 HP engine, perfectly suited for fishing and exploring the lake

Max 6 adults


Price: 950 kr/ day. 

Rates include loan of life jackets, paddles and a watertight canoe barrel. 


You can book here


Note: all activity is at your own risk. 




Get a chance to get in touch with nature, encounter wildlife and see the stars. There is nothing quite like it.  



No electricity, no Wifi, no distraction. Just you and nature.  


Bookings can be made here