Activities in the area

Agundaborg is located in a quiet area but not remote. There is no shortage of things to do. See below what beautiful nearby locations you can explore.

The best fishing spots in southern Sweden

Agundaborg is located on the shores of Agunnaryd lake which connects to a large water system connected by the Helge Å river. There are many fantastic fishingspots around in Lake Agunnaryd and the connected lakes Möckeln and Stensjön, these are shallow lakes of around 2-3 meter deep and you can find fantastic pike, sea trout and bass. Also stream fishing in the Helge Å is near which is suitable for both fly fishing, angling and fishing with a casting rod. 

Please note that you need to buy a fishing license for the respective area you are fishing in. 

Link to website for Fishing licence

Perfect cycling opportunities

Agunnaryd is connected to the Sverigeleden (in English the 'Sweden route'), a connected network of 15 main long-distance cycling routes that goes across the whole of Sweden!  There are many walking, cycling and canoe routes in the area which are described in detail on Naturkartan. 

From AGUNDABORG Camp & Paddle our favourite cycle tours are these: 

  • Cycle to Ryssby and around Ryssby lake plus back. This route is over tarmac scenic roads. Part of this route is on the Sverigeleden and you can stop for fika in Ryssby (approx. 30 km)
  • Cycle around Agunnaryd lake. The route is all over tarmac roads, note you will connect with the larger road 126 for 2 km (approx. 10 km)
  • Cycle around Möckeln lake. This round is over beautiful tarmac roads (approx. 60 km)

Link to Naturkartan

IKEA museum

The IKEA museum is located in the world's first IKEA store, in the heart of Älmhult. Here you can see the history of Swedish furniture through the ages including pre-IKEA to now. The adjacent restaurant serves amazing meatballs with a twist, worth a try! Pop into the shop as they have nice souvenirs, gifts and newly produced classics. 

IKEA museum

Markaryds Älgsafari

Along a three kilometer winding forest road you will be able to see the king of the forest and American bisons at a very close range. You can choose between driving your own car or taking the guided train, for which you need to buy tickets in advance. 

Smålandet Markaryds Moosesafari

Historical Walk and Lecture on Carl Linnaeus in Sweden

Explore the footsteps of one of Sweden's most renowed figures, Carl Linnaeus, a groundbreaking botanist, physician and taxonomist. At Linnes Råshult, Carl von Linnaeus birthplace, you can walk freely in the 18th century landscape, a 42 hectares cultural reserve, via one of the marked paths. Explore the historical houses and amazing kitchen garden. During the summer, the cafe offers a fantastic vegetarian offer with locally grown organic produce. 

Linnes Råshult is a key site for 'The Rise of Systematic Biology' the study of biological diversity and its origin. The tentative list of sites are being reviewed for inclusion in the World Heritage List. The sites together helped science develop strongly due to the Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) with this international science network. 

Linnes Råshult 1700 century landscape and gardens

Cross-country skiing nearby

There are some prepared cross-country skiing trails in the area. Ljungsjön in Ljungby has a lovely trail where you can cross-country ski  around the lake. Next to this is a ca. 250 long ski-hill suitable for beginners and to practice Big-Jump, Quarter-Pipe and Rails. You can warm up in the so called 'värmestuga'  and there is a outside grill area so you can warm up the typical Swedish outdoor lunch: korv & bröd. Very cozy in the winter! 

For more trails in the area, more info can be found via the link below. 

Cross-country skiing trails

Ski mountain for beginners at 40 min drive

In the nearby Alvesta you can find a great 2 km long skihill Hanaslöv which is an ideal place for children to practice skiing! the trails are prepared with artificial snow and there is a great funpark as well as a sledging hill. You can warm up in the värmestuga and there are a couple of outdoor grill areas. Everything for a lovely winter experience with the family! 

The resort is also fun for Mountainbiking in the summer. 

Link to Hanaslöv ski resort

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