What is allemansrätt?

In Sweden we have a law known as Allemansrätten, or in English it means Every Mans Right. This means that all of us have access to the land and the water of Sweden for camping, hiking and all other recreational activities. However, this comes with the responsibility of taking care of our land so that it can be enjoyed by many generations to come. Here you can find the information you need to practice your right to public access land. 

Sweden’s right of public access allows anyone to light a fire out in the nature. But there are restrictions to safeguard Sweden’s beautiful but timber-rich countryside. Read more about cozy campfires and how to play it safe on the Visit Sweden website 


'Allemansrätten' states that making fires is allowed in the Swedish countryside, but only when conditions are safe. It's recommended to use existing barbecue areas and fireplaces, which can be found in forests, by lakes and along hiking trails. They are safer than a campfire lit directly on the ground.

Campfires make some landowners nervous – and understandably so. Many forest fires are unintentionally caused by campfires every year, and with dire consequences. Sweden has suffered significant fires in recent years due to the unusually dry, hot summers Scandinavia has experienced.

Fire bans are issued frequently in Sweden during spring, summer and autumn to prevent forest fires. County administrative boards and the fire brigade are behind these bans, and it’s up to you to find out when and where these are in force.

On the website Krisinformation.se (crisis information), run by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, you can see a map of which municipalities, if any, that have a temporary fire ban at the moment.


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