Paddle Safely, Canoeing Adventures with Kids

On a paddle adventure with your little ones, enjoying the waters, create memories for life and paddle safe. 

The lakes and rivers connected to lake Agunnaryd are surrounded by forest allowing you to find a sheltered route for your paddling adventure on all but the stormiest of days. 

Life jackets are non-negotiable; ensure every family member wears one snugly. Before setting out, have a quick family chat about safety, emphasizing the importance of staying seated and following instructions. At Agundaborg we have life jackets for paddlers of all ages included in the rental of our boats. 

Check the weather forecast, avoiding windy or stormy conditions. Dress appropriately, pack essentials, and be prepared for changing weather.

Paddling with your children is an opportunity to connect and build love for nature. Happy paddling! 

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Did you know...
Did you know you can charge your bike and car at Agundaborg?
Sustainable caring
What is allemansrätt?
In Sweden we have a law known as Allemansrätten, Every Mans Right. This means that all of us have access to the land and the water of Sweden for camping, hiking and all other recreational activities.
Freedom to roam
Agundaborg is connected to a 368 hectare nature reserve
The 368-hectare Vedåsa nature reserve consists mostly of water environments, deciduous forests and pastures. Helge å, Agunnarydssjön and the northern part of lake Möckeln are included in the reserve. Vedåsa's water areas are of great importance for wildlife. The canoe trail as well as cycling and walking trails are showing you the amazing diverse forest with many different species of trees and a rich birdlife.
Paddle paradise