• Can I bring pets?
    Unfortunately pets are not allowed at our holiday home. We have implemented this policy to ensure the comfort and well-being of all our guests, some of whom may have allergies or other concerns. We appreciate your understanding. 
  • What wildlife can I see in the area?

    There is lots of wildlife in the area, as there is a mix of forest, lakes and some agricultural landscapes. Here are some common wildlife species you may meet: 

    • Birds: There are various birds species, including sparrows, robins, finches and tits. You also might spot larger birds of prey, such as hawks and eagles. In the area we also have pheasants. 
    • Mammals: Common in the area are deer, hares, foxes and hedgehocks. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a wild boar or an elk. 
    • Fish: There are various fish species, such as perch, pike and roach. 
    • Amphibians and reptiles: Around lakes, you might find frogs and toads. Snakes are also present, with the most common species being the grass snake and adder. 
    • Insects: The warmer months bring out a variety of insects, including butterflies, dragonflies and beetles. Be cautious of mosquitoes.