Family friendly days out

Agundaborg is located in a quiet area but not remote. There is no shortage of things to do. See below what beautiful nearby locations you can explore . We show the distance in kilometres from AGUNDABORG in brackets.

Linneus Råshult

The famous scientist Carl Linnea was born here (22 km) 300 years ago. In this area you can walk around in the historic landscape from the eighteenth century. The land, meadows and fields are managed with the same methods as back then. There are several walks set out that guide you around the area and on the way you can meet many of the Swedish natively kept animals that Linneus Råshult keeps. 



IKEA museum

The IKEA Museum (35 km) is located in the world's first IKEA store, in the heart of Älmhult. Here you can see the history of Swedish furniture through the ages including pre-IKEA to now. Or do our favourite thing, a portrait on the IKEA catalogue front cover. 

The adjacent restaurants serves amazing meatballs with a twist, worth a try!

Pop into the shop as they have nice souvenirs, gifts and newly produced classics. 

Scandinavian Wildlife

At Elinge Älgpark (28 km) you can see moose and they even out of your hands. 

You can also go for a Smålandet moose safari (59 km) where you can drive the safari in your own car or you book a place in the train. 

Eriksberg Safari park. (116 km) Go on safari at Eriksberg and see wild animals in their proper environment. You drive around in your car observing the animals and there are stops where you can go out. 

Sunnerbohallen swimmingpool

Sunnerbohallen swimmingpool (21 km) a great swimmingpool with a large 50 meter outdoor pool as well as an 25 meter indoor pool and a small adventure area with slides inside.

Our children love the 'toiletslide'!  It has a bubbelpool, steamroom and a sauna. Fun for the whole family. 

Sagobydens museum

A museum of myths and folktales, Sagobyden is nearby in Ljungby (20 km) and connected to this museum there is a tour of magic destinations for the whole family. AGUNDABORG is one of the 40 legandary places connected to the Sagobygdens museum. You can even explore the places by geo-caching.