You can download the Canoe Trail Helge Å map here to help you plan your paddle adventure!


You can also find the detailed map on the app where you can find walking, cycling and canoe trails. We really recommend you download this free app. Click to get to the website here:  Canoe trail Helge Å - Älmhults municipality | Naturkartan  or search for the Naturkartan app. 


Here you can find all details of the canoe trail on the Council website


We are very happy to help you plan your routes to make your adventure a success. 

Public Access Rights


In Sweden we have a law known as Allemansrätten, or in English it means Every Mans Right. This means that all of us have access to the land and the water of Sweden for camping, hiking and all other recreational activities. However, this comes with the responsibility of taking care of our land so that it can be enjoyed by many generations to come. Here you can find the information you need to practice your right to public access land. 


Download the Allemansrätt brochure for paddling here

Download the general Allemansrätt brochure here


Sweden’s right of public access allows anyone to light a fire out in the nature. But there are restrictions to safeguard Sweden’s beautiful but timber-rich countryside. Read more about cozy campfires and how to play it safe here. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


How far can I paddle per day?

The average speed of travel in a canoe on still water is about 4km/h, a kayak is slightly faster. This means that you can cover roughly 12km of water in 3-4 hours of paddling depending on the wind. 


How many people fit a canoe?

Our Linder 525 canoes are designed to take 400kg of weight, we recommend 2-3 adults per canoe, with space for luggage. 


Is drinking water available at Agundaborg Camp & Paddle?

We have taps on site where you can fill your water containers with tap water. All tap water in Sweden is fit for drinking.  


What days can I rent a canoe, kayak or SUP-board?

We are open based on pre-bookings before June. Remember to book in advance so you are sure we have free canoes and that we are there to set you up. It is important that you arrive at the agreed time as per your reservation.


Can you shop for food along the canoeing trail?

We recommend that you buy food and beverages prior to your trip as there are no shops nearby once on the water. The Lanthandel in Agunnaryd is 400 meters from Agundaborg Camp & Paddle and you can buy fika, ingredients for your self cooked meals during the trip and all necessities there. 



In order to fish in the lakes in and around Agunnaryd a personal fishing licence is required. You can find all information about Fishing in Sweden plus buy this fishing licence online at Payment can be one by card or Paypal. 



Questions? Email us 

You can reach us on or by filling out the enquiry form below, and we will do our best to respond within 24 hours (but usually within a few hours). You can also call us on +46(0) 76 714 82 71. You can usually reach us 7 days a week, between 8 am and 20 pm. 

Our opening times are based on pre-bookings.  


Postal address: 

AGUNDABORG Camp & Paddle

Roos Hogervorst & Simon Kemsley

Bråna Näs 1

34177 Agunnaryd





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Getting to us

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By car Agunnaryd can be reached by crossing the sea. Ferries go from Germany to Denmark or directly from Germany to Sweden. You can choose to travel by ferry to Sweden via Poland as well.


There are the many Ferry connections, below are a few possible connections from mainland Europe listed with the car journey to Agunnaryd added:

Puttgarden, Germany - Roedby, Denmark, ferry crossing is 45 minutes + car journey 4,5 hours

Sassnitz, Germany - Trelleborg, Sweden, ferry crossing is 4 hours and 15 min. + car journey 2,5 hours

Rostock, Germany - Trelleborg Sweden ferry crossing is 6 hours (possible to take an overnight sailing) + car journey 2,5 hours

Travemunde, Germany - Trelleborg , Sweden ferry crossing is 7 hours and 45 min.(possible to take an overnight sailing) + car journey 2,5 hours

Gdynia, Poland - Karlskrona, Sweden ferry crossing is from 10 up to 12 hours (possible to take an overnight sailing) + car journey 30 minutes



You can fly from many main airports, for example from Amsterdam to Växjö Airport in Småland

Once you are in Växjö, it is 50 minutes driving through the south of Sweden to Agunnaryd. We can organise a transfer from the airport directly to AGUNDABORG if required. 

Another alternative is to fly to Copenhagen Airport in Denmark and from here you can drive via the Öresundsbridge to Agunnaryd which will take 2 hours and 20 minutes.