Beaches and Lakes

Agundaborg beach is the most lovely little beach in the world, according to us. But there is more, Agunnaryd Badplats (beach) is right on our doorstep. You can find a small pier, a volleyball field (You can borrow a volleyball from AGUNDABORG Camp & Paddle) and some picknick tables and even a possibility to BBQ, simply bring your own wood or some coal. 


You can find many small beaches and beautiful little lakes in Småland. Below we list some more nearby AGUNDABORG. 

  • Bölsnäs badplats, Möckeln (8 km). a small simple beach with a beautiful view over Möckeln lake. 
  • Ryssbynsjön (12 km). There is nice large sandy beach, very child friendly and a volleyball pitch. You even have an outdoor gym here. 
  • Möckelsnäs badplats (18 km): a large child-friendly beach with a jetty that has shallow child-friendly water. The beach has got a children's play area a beach volleyball court and there is a small shop. 
  • You can see all Swedish beaches on

Canoeing, Kayaking & Stand Up Paddle boarding

Agunnaryd lake is connected to a long trail of lakes and rivers on which you can paddle both shorter as well as longer trails. 


Going out with a family or friends is great by canoe. We have Linder canoes that are approved for 2-3 adults plus gear. 

All kayaks available at AGUNDABORG Camp & Paddle have got plenty of stowaway space to allow you for a several nights adventure. 

SUP boards are great for day-trips and trying something new! 

You can book your equipment here


There are lots of fish in Agunnaryd lake, perch, pike and much more. You can fish from the shore, but also rent a boat at AGUNDABORG Camp & Paddle to row out to the deeper areas of the lake where you might be more lucky. 

In order to fish in the wonderful  Stensjön, Agunnarydsjön, Farsjön and Angsjön you need a personal fishing licence. The licence allows you to fish with a rod in the lakes and is valid for a limited time. The Swedish right of access 'allemansrätten' does not include fishing in the lakes. Illegal fishing may be punished with fines. You can buy a licence through the website