Lots to do

At Agundaborg you can enjoy many things to do both on site as well a in the area. You will have the lovely forest to explore, enjoy and relax in. But it is also the perfect place to have a more active holiday. With the lake at it's doorstep you can swim or why not hire one of our canoes or kayaks to go for a paddle. With Vedåsa naturreservat around the corner you can go for a hike in nature or explore the area even further by bike and take in the many historical places that Agunnaryd has to offer. 


When it comes to the outdoors our guests are blessed with a 13 hectare area connected to the lake. We have a number of firepits and we even provide some BBQ's for you to grill your sausages. 


We have two lovely cats that love a cuddle.



Other than that there is an abundance of wildlife!  

Pamper yourself

There are lots of pampering options available in Agunnaryd.


Why not book a massage at Luchia Masssage and really relax. 



You can find many fleamarkets in Sweden during the summer, the so called loppis. A big loppis in Ljungby is Erikshjälpen (11 km). We love going here and picking up some funky bargains!

My absolute favourite place is Östregårds antik och loppmarknad (50 km) which is open most weekends. Here you can find many vintage bargains and enjoy the cafe as well. 


There are also many secondhand shops and antique shops where you can buy nice Swedish knick-knacks. This is a website where you can find the different loppises and second hand shops:


With kids

Minigolf next to the Byakrogen in Liatorp at Liatorps minigolf (12 km).


A local ecological farm in


Agunnaryd: Framtidsgården  (4 km) has the opportunity to come and pick your own at certain times of the week.