Forest and Trail

The forest at AGUNDABORG contains a wide variety of mainly deciduous trees containing of oak, beech, birch and popla. With the water surrounding most of the camp, it is the most magical forest to be in at any season of the year! AGUNDABORG gets its name from a medieval settlement, the ruins of which are still clearly visible on the grounds. Surrounding this historical 'borg' are many old trees that could tell interesting stories if only they could talk.....


Hiking trails

Explore the area by foot, wandering by the many historical places. There are several trails starting from AGUNDABORG where you will go through forest, past churches and see many of the typical Swedish red houses in the area. 

You can also hike in Vedåsa nature reserve next door where some trails of different length are set out that show you around an amazing diverse forest with many different species of trees and a rich birdlife. 

Cycling trails

Agunnaryd is connected to the Sverigeleden (in English the 'Sweden route'), a connected network of 15 main long-distance cycling routes that goes across the whole of Sweden!   

You can find many walking and cycling routes in the area. An overview of the walking and cycling routes is described on the Ljungby kommuns website

From AGUNDABORG Camp & Paddle our favourite cycle tours are these: 

  • Cycle to Ryssby and around Ryssby lake plus back. This route is approximately 30 km in total all over tarmac scenic roads. Part of this route is on the Sverigeleden and you can stop for fika in Ryssby. 
  • Cycle around Agunnaryd lake. This route is approximately 10 km in total and is all over tarmac roads, note you will connect with the larger road 126 for 2 km. 
  • Cycle around Möckeln lake. This round is approximately 60 km and all over beautiful tarmac roads. The local cycling club loves this route, so you might meet them on the way!